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Phoenix Rising
A Harry Potter RPG
24th-Sep-2006 12:12 am
Mulciber evil eyes
Not only have I been relegated to the degrading duty of reconnaissance, but I’ve been forced to keep company for the last fortnight with the two reactionary fools, Alecto and Amycus, who are nothing more than brainstems holding wands. However, now I am to stand by and allow this Szabo to claim this Horcrux as his own? Lucius is even more delusional that I gave him credit for if he truly believes that will happen.

I narrow my eyes and tighten my fingers around my wand as Szabo and Avery, who has proven to be nothing more than a disappointment, disappear into the dark and gaping hole in the side of the cliff.

Let that fool, Szabo, enter after Thomas, Finch-Fletchley, and Wood. I will wait for him to do the work for us and then descend and reclaim this mission. In the end it will not be Szabo who will hold the Horcrux, it will be me. And then Lucius will have no choice but to concede to my demands and reward me richly.

There’s an excited snort a short distance away. It’s Alecto and Amycus lurking near the cave entrance like two dim boulders, no doubt waiting to rush inside and demonstrate their crude and tasteless brand of magical persuasion. The Lestrange brothers – who, to my satisfaction, appear to be leery of this slippery Szabo character – are conversing quietly as they have been ever since Thomas, Wood, and Finch-Fletchley appeared.

It is time for me to appeal to their senses and being to bend this situation to my advantage.

“Lucius is foolhardy and rash to trust a man like Szabo. He is not one of us. He has not served the Dark Lord and earned his right to stand along side us, let alone claim to lead us,” I tell them.

Rudolphus exchanges a sly looks with Rabastan and then carefully surveys me before saying in a measured voice, “We do not follow anyone.” Rabastian nods in agreement like the puppet he his. The younger sibling is always destined to be the follower which is why I did away with my family years ago. Blood ties are nothing but a burden and a distraction.

“If that is true, then why is it you are waiting here on baited breath for Szabo’s signal?” I say silkily, not bothering to keep the distain from my voice.

Rodolphus scowls and seethes, pulling his wand out as if he believes he can truly harm me. “The same can be said about you, Stavros. I would not be hasty with your tongue; otherwise you may find it parted from your body.”

I stare long and hard at Rodolphus, willing him to break my gaze. I am confident that I can sway him to my cause as I know how men like him work. I say in a low voice, “I have my own reason for playing along with this little game for now.” He narrows his eyes as I continue calmly, “You are part of the old guard – you remember our former glory under the rule of the first Dark Lord before our ranks were contaminated with lesser stock. We cannot let him eclipse our authority. We can put this fool, Szabo, back in his place. We present a united front and those two,” I motion toward Alecto and Amycus who are still eyeing the cave entrance, “and on our orders, they will destroy Szabo for they will blindly follow the most powerful and do the bidding of whoever gives them just cause to create chaos and destruction.”

Rodolphus raises his eyebrows and then grunts, pretending to be disinterested as Rabastan frowns as if trying to decipher my words.

It seems that they need more of an incentive. “We can defeat him easily and then Lucius will have no choice but to eat his words. We all recall how in the past he defiled the Black family name by speaking ill of your dear Bellatrix.”

In the past, attacking the Black family honour never fails to elicit a response, and apparently this time is no different. I suppress a smile of satisfaction as Rodolphus and Rabastan devour my bait and begin ranting about Lucius. I stand there and allow them to waste their breath. How predictable.

Finally Rabastan asks, “What about Avery?”

“Avery is a non-entity. He’s grown soft in his old age and lost his edge. A shame to our Legion,” barks Rodolphus, obviously irritated as he often gets when Bellatrix’s name is dredged up.

“He is a minor annoyance that can easily be dealt with,” I say, “Szabo is the one who we must concentrate on.”

Rabastian nods and then looks at Rodolphus who scowls at me before spitting out, “My brother and I need to talk.”

It seems that things are beginning to fall into place.
24th-Sep-2006 09:15 am (UTC)
"You know what I think?" I whisper, hauling Rab out of Mulciber’s range. "I think Mulciber doesn’t want to bargain with Lucius for a better deal. I think he wants the Horcrux for himself.”

Rabastan, the fool, tries to lean forward from the small alcove we share with a stature of brute of a man with horns.

"Are you crazy? Don’t let Mulciber look you in the eye. He can read minds, they say. Control you at a whim. Look, he has enough power. He doesn’t need us to help him get the Horcruxes, he just wants to use us as canon fodder to get it for himself. So we’re going to give that dubious honour to Amycus and Alecto. At some point, we’ll steal away and get the Horcruxes ourselves, and if we’re caught we’ll lie and say we were ambushed, got it?" I say, shaking my brother.

Rab looks scared but agrees with me after I assure him he won’t get a raw deal here. In truth, I can’t guarantee that at all, but I promised Bella that I’d look out for him as best as I could when we were young and I never thought to retract that promise.

"But what if Mulciber tries to sic Amycus and Alecto on us next as soon as they’ve taken care of Szabo?" Rab whines. I hate when he whines!

"Then we kill them ourselves," I say simply, and thankfully, Rab gets it.

"Alright, Rudie," my brother says. I hate it when he presumes he can address me as Bella did. Once I bond with the Horcrux I will let him live but I will show him his place. The fool holds out hope that Hera created more than one Horcruxes, but I know better. Still I let him hold out his hope. I pity the fool who thinks that power can be shared. I am Cain to his Able. I have studied both Muggle and Magical religion to prepare for this journey though Lucius gave precious little time to depart.

"I’m telling you, Finch Fletchley is with the blokes who came here. He’s the one who had a hand in killing Bel..." Rab rasps out between my fingers which I now hold over his mouth.

"If this is so, then his being here will distract Mulciber into believing that the act of killing Finch-Fletchley alone will whet our appetites for personal glory. He will trust that if we play our cards right.”

"Stavros," I call out. The word seems oily in my throat, but I have to make Mulciber believe that we have a deal. "It seems that the man who helped kill my wife, Bella, is here. If you would but graciously grant us the pleasure of killing him ourselves, we would be indebted even more to you," I say and the crack in my voice as I say Bella’s name isn’t false.

Mulciber seems beyond pleased by this turn of events. He tells us that he has a few simple mind experiments to perform on the intruders to this place, but after that we can have them.

I smile my best smile, but in the back of my mind is the desire to make this man suffer for mocking me in my pain. Does he think I’m stupid!? Does he think I’m like Rab and will just follow whoever’s mouth is closest to his ear?

"You are most kind," I say. And you will bow to me and shine even Rab’s shoes when I take what is truly your heart’s desire from you and Lucius. Lucius won’t know what hit him. I have been trained in Azkaban to fight the mind’s wandering ways while Lucius grew soft in the meantime.

Mulciber claps his hands looking pleased as he edges us onward until we enter a vast cave with not a whisper on our lips, but a million thoughts, all hell bent on one prize in our heads. May the best man win, and as I am the best man, that will be me...
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