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Phoenix Rising
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Family for Life 
3rd-Oct-2006 02:37 pm
I've been discharged. After hearing, 'Pigaine ton stin pteryga 49', I didn't think I'd ever see the outside of a mind healing ward again. I take my rucksack that miraculously is still intact and make my way down to Oliver and Dean's room.

Dean has been spending a lot of time with Padma down on the beach below the hospital. The whole place from the outside appears as a ruin to Muggles and the beach appears undesirable and craggy with rock formations and no sand. So different from reality. Mobile patients go down there to hear the healing sounds of the surf.

It appears at first that Oliver is sleeping but when I go to back out of his room to join Susan in the lounge/library of this hospital, he stirs.

"Wild Child, if you've escaped the nice young men in the white coats, don't hide here, okay? I don't want to get hit with a stray tranquillizer when they come to take you away again," Oliver tells me. His voice is slightly stronger than it was even a few days ago and he's suffered no lasting effects from the accursed river. The Healers told us that if Oliver had not been in top physical form, he would have died from his wounds.

"No, I'm in no need for a hoverchair getaway, Oliver. And incidentally, since I missed the race you and Dean had, I'm looking for a rematch." My friend just smiles at me.

"Anyway, I just came to tell you congratulations on the baby. I was just so shocked about it and with all the yelling, I never got to tell you how happy I am for you," I tell him, shaking his hand. Oliver smiles, pulling it away playfully.

"Lassie told me about your..." Oliver says, looking sorry about my test results. I about die but I told Susan that this was to be no secret. I knew she'd need to talk to someone about it and she and Oliver are close. It's not something I would have told him myself. Well, maybe on some drunken night at a pub after an Order meeting or something.

"Well you know I could always help you and Susan..." Oliver begins and for a second I know he's serious but two blokes can't seriously discuss donations of a personal matter. "But then people would wonder about the athletic good looks," he jokes. "You'd have to step up your workouts."

"Call her Red!" I yell, clapping my hands to my ears. If the news were not so new, this would be funny and it would be a touching offer. Oliver just shakes his head and laughs.

I sit down on Dean's un-made bed. I think the housekeeping staff have has given up on him, he's up and down so much. I think of Kaylee. There are so many firsts we will never get to do with her.

"What's on your mind, Justin?" Oliver asks me.

"We got Kaylee," I say, swallowing the lump in my throat and even though I love her I know Susan always wanted to have a baby, too.

"Call me crazy but I've always been a night person and I know that I would have loved walking the floors with a new baby at three in the morning. That would have been daddy's time. Time to tell him...or her about camping, hockey, you know, guy stuff."

"And then there's the first time they see the Easter Bunny or Santa Clause. Watching their tiny teeth come in...watching their tiny teeth fall out. Well, we won't have missed that one part with Kaylee. I can't wait til we pick her up. I'm not missing anything else," I vow my daughter

"Yeah, you'll make a beautiful Tooth Fairy," Oliver tells me.

"You know it, and don't think I won't," I tell him. Funny thing is, I don't think Oliver doubts that I'd dress up as a fairy. Or maybe I'll find a dolomite fairy to fly around her room and pick up her tooth.

"My parents always left cotton balls around the carpet for Chrystian and I to find so that we would believe that the Easter Bunny had been by to visit. I caught my dad one time eating the cookies at Christmas and my poor mom was up baking all night to replace Santa's treat," I recall out loud, feeling warm inside and looking forward to Kaylee and her four year old aunt Chrystian sitting together at my parent's house for holiday dinners.

"This explains so much about you, Wild Child," Oliver says.

"Yeah," I agree without my usual denial that I'm anything but normal.

I've gotten quiet and I know Oliver's looking at me. He's good like that. He knows my mind goes back and forth and I have to figure things out before I continue even though I always sound like I'm talking off the cuff.

"Oliver, please tell me the truth. Susan would never make me feel bad about this, but I need to know if you think she's okay with it." I've always tried to go to people directly about issues of a serious nature but I also know my wife. She shields me from harm and while I know that Oliver would do the same, I also know that he's honest. If a question is put to him sincerely, he will answer it.
3rd-Oct-2006 07:53 pm (UTC)
I take a little time to figure out how to explain this to Justin. He's really trying to take on a burden that is not there. It could have been if it had been someone else.

"Justin," I start. He looks up at me with the use of his real name and not his nick name. "You have to understand where Lassie stands on this issue."

Justin starts to say something but I stop him. "Yes you know her better than anyone and she's told you her feelings about this but I want to show you a different perspective."

"At one time Susan and I were alone and the last of our family line. Granted, I had longer to get used to and even accept the idea. Then you entered the picture as Lavender did for me." I stop and try to think again. I feel like I'm not getting across the message I want him to see.

I take a deep breath and decide to be straight forward. "You gave Lassie a wonderful and loving extended family when you married her."

"But I ruined her chances at having a family of her own," Justin argues, throwing his arms up.

"Are you listening to me at all Justin?" I ask, putting my hand on his shoulder to calm him down a little. "Susan has spent years giving love to children without families and making them feel like they have a home... like they belong somewhere. She was able to do that because she knows what they're going through and what they need. You don't need to be blood related to be family. All you need is unconditional love and acceptance. You and your family have given Lassie that. I've also tried to show you and Lassie that I consider both of you as my family. "

Justin stands and walks to the window, a look of concentration etched across his face. A few moments later he asks in a soft whisper, "What if it's not enough or she realizes she wants more?"

I walk over to stand beside him and stare out the window, never looking at him as I answer his question. "Any family is better than being alone." I hesitate for a moment. "I won't lie to you; it's a wonderful feeling knowing I'm having my own child, but I'd take Liam over never having children any day," I say vehemently. "I love him as if he was my own and to me, he is. No child I could have would ever be able to replace him or what I've learned through him."

"Now, enough of the chic flick moments." I turn, smiling at him. "Find those hoverchairs and we'll have some real fun.

Justin smiles with a maniacal gleam in his eyes. "And if Lavender was shouting at you like that now, I'd hate to see her when the pregnancy hormones really kick in. That is one part that I won't envy you," Justin laughs, moving the hoverchairs over to the bed.

"Just remember that when I have to come bunk with you and Lassie," I inform him while moving myself into the flying contraption that's becoming a fascination. "Just remember not to push the yellow button or you're on your own," I warn him as he looks over the colorful buttons.

Before long, we're squealing through the hallways, terrorizing the nurses and running from staff members chasing us.
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