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Phoenix Rising
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My Siblings 
4th-Oct-2006 09:36 pm
I have finally returned to my flat feeling that life has dealt me too many blows this week.  I find myself unable to feel anything more than the great shock that my life will never be as I once hoped.  Stunned would be an accurate description.

Today Pansy was found guilty of Assault With Intent to Cause Serious Harm to an Auror and sentenced to ten years in Azkaban.  It was a farse of a trial from the onset.  MacClaggen's counsel opened by parading his career, accomodations, awards, and good attendance then went straight into portraying Pansy as a whore.  Careful attention was placed on her desire for the spotlight,  they lingered on herlong list of suitors, and her disappearance after his assault were all delivered effectively.  Pansy's defense delivered the truth, plead self defense, and ultimately failed to gain the testimony of two other victims of MacClaggen.  It was a pitiful trial at best.

Less than an hour after entering my abode I received an owl from Severus Snape.  I was not pleased with his reply, my mother was dead.  His words cut across me and my initial response was reply, most violently and in person.  A notion that was dismissed when I finished his letter.  I now had siblings, a brother and a sister.  I would have to investigate this as thoroughly as possible and hope my emotions did not awake before I found the truth about the two.

My mother at least understood that I must make my way on my own.  I am sure of that from our many talks but my silence over the last few months must have taken a toll on her and I feared the coming regret.

The loss of my love, death of my mother, and news of two children I must surely raise was more than I trusted myself to handle so I turned the only direction I had left a fine bottle of Uzo and a box of Cubans.  I would pay Hades it's tribute tomorrow.
5th-Oct-2006 01:45 am (UTC)
I hear a knocking at the door to Phoenix House. Grabbing my wand, I cautiously open it to see the last person on Earth I expected to see standing before me: Draco Malfoy. I have never had any personal dealings with him myself, but his reputation preceeds him, as does his family. He is the son of the man who murdered my husband.

"Mr. Malfoy. I must say that this is a surprise," I say, trying to be courteous, but unable to keep the chill out of my voice.

"Mrs. Weasley, I am here because of an article in the Daily Prophet which was sent to me. I believe that you may have my brother and sister here. I can assure you that if they are not my brother and sister that I will trouble you no further."

I hesitate momentarily, but reluctantly take him up to the nursery. "They have been here so long that I have given them names. I named the boy Iaian, which is Gaelic for God's gift of grace, and the girl I simply named Grace. I thought the names suited them since they had such a rough start in life."

5th-Oct-2006 01:46 am (UTC)
I can’t quite believe my eyes but I know I am not seeing things. The urge to pull out my wand and curse the snot that is standing before me is nearly overwhelming. But the baby I am feeding cries a bit and I have to focus on her. She’s the important one in this… not this rat that helped kill Dumbledore.

“What’s he doing here?” I ask Penny and she quickly explains. “You can’t be serious!” I look at Draco, stunned, although his face doesn’t reveal anything.

He raises one eyebrow. “I assure you that I am very serious. I want to know if they are my siblings.”

Well… if he’s going to take that line… then I’m going to be as mean as my pregnancy hormones will safely allow. That is far, I promise. “So how are you going to find out if they are your siblings and if they are yours, what are you going to do? Let the house elves raise them? I doubt you’re even fit to be a parent.”

I have forgotten one tiny detail and that is my daughter. Knowing that I am upset, Tina starts to cry. I crouch down, still feeding the baby girl and tuck the bottle under my chin so that I can continue feeding her while having an arm free to hold my little girl.
5th-Oct-2006 01:54 am (UTC)
The icy chill of the room when I entered causes me to be instantly thankful for the Wizard who developed the spell I used only hours ago to relieve me of the awful hangover I woke with. I am still unable to define how I feel yet I must show some limit of control over myself. If there was any truth to Severus' letter then I would have to maintain until I verified the claim regardless of the presence of such scum.

Penelope glances at the child in her arms and back to me then gently moves the child so I can see him, her, uh, I'm not sure which, better.

An audible gasp escapes me. The infant, although tiny, bears a striking resemblance to myself in a potrait I assume still hangs in the great room at my family's manor.

I have to be sure before I allow myself to believe my eyes and the strong pull on my heart.

Control, I just need to remain in control.

"Remarkable." I say calmly. "The resemblance is striking. They do bear a likeness and much of my families prominant traits."

More than one eye quirks at my comment.

"If you mean your families brutal nature, the darkness that looms over your history, your sick derision from..." Ginny begins.

She is quickly interrupted by Penelope, "What leads you to believe they are your relations Malfoy?"

"Exactly!" Ginny continues, "These babies are sweet and lovable, I've always thought Malfoys are born with those riddiculous smirks that are also a prominant trait."

I return the wench an equally hateful stare and turn my attention to Penelope.

"I do not desire to divulge that at the moment however, I have reason to believe so." I answer. "There is a simple spell that will give us that answer. If in fact they are my siblings then it is my obligation to see to their upbringing." I send one of my families prominant smirks to the seething blood traitor still glaring at me and continue, "If not, then I will keep my word and depart."

"I am sure that you at least," I say to Ginny, "Are familiar with the Family Tree spell?"

Her glare turns a shade darker. I find the tension she is providing me is helping me to stay focussed or at least appear to be my usual self. It is necessary that I keep my conversation to Penelope, though I have no fondness of her either she is being sensible.

"Just a drop of blood from the two, or one if you are entirely sure they are twins, and a sample of my own is all that is needed." The thought of hurting either of these two babies does not please me and I take that as a good sign. "I do insist that I be allowed to perform the spell."

Something like a hiss escapes Ginny but I show no recognition of it.

"She," I say with a nod in Ginny's direction, "should be able to verify that it is performed properly."

5th-Oct-2006 01:56 am (UTC)
I'm not happy about having him do the spell...these babies have been through so much and I will have to draw blood from each of them in order for it to work. But I know that it's the only way that we can be sure. Even though the twins have been a lot of work, I am half hoping that they are not his siblings. What kind of life will they have with the stigmata of being Malfoys?

I prick each of the babies' heels and take a sample of blood from Draco, then perform the spell.
5th-Oct-2006 02:01 am (UTC)
I watch in amazement as the spell reveals all of Malfoy’s family, including two siblings named Baby Girl and Baby Boy next to his name, under his parents. It also lists that his mother is dead but when I look up at his haunted face, he doesn’t reveal any emotion.

I realize now that I am holding a Malfoy and damn if she isn’t the cutest little thing that I have seen in a long time. “I guess I should introduce you to your sister,” I say shakily and I walk hesitantly towards him. I go to pass the baby to him and see the momentary panic in his eyes. “She won’t break,” I assure him automatically. “Just support her head and cradle her in your arms.”

And with that, I hand her over. I don’t want to but she belongs with him. I can only hope that he won’t screw up her’s and her twin brother’s futures.
5th-Oct-2006 02:02 am (UTC)
I have done well to keep myself intact up to this point. I have used my anger to keep up my image but I feel it all begin to crumble until my eyes rest on the name next to my mothers and my anger is kindled into hate.

Penelope pauses before releasing the child into my arms. Her eyes follow mine to my fathers name and she gives me a curious look.

I look down upon my sister and see her as part of the new future that awaits me. Her and my brother now make up the key to restoring the honor and glory to my families tainted name. We will rebuild it together. The hope I have so desperately longed for is delivered into my arms and Penelope takes a step back.

Seeing her little face nestled in the blanket and the blue eyes that look up at me rob me of my resolve and I feel the first of warm tears trickle down my face.

After an eternity, that passes in seconds, I return to Penelope.

"Grace, did you say?" I ask, "and Iaian?" I say looking toward my brother.

"Yes, that is what we have called them." She says softly.

My gaze rests for a second on Ginny, I wait for the attack, for her to raise up and vehemently object, but she does not. Her face softens as well and she nods.

It is a very hard moment for me to keep back the emotional currents that pull at my heart. The three woman are still staring at me and I feel I must say something else. The easiet thing for me to do is to return my eyes to the baby in my arms.

"I, uh, I think that's perfect." It is embarassing to lose control in front of them but they will not matter soon and fade in memory. "They are perfect."

"When do I take them..." I can feel the last word resound through my chest and feel it's impact, "home?"

5th-Oct-2006 02:05 am (UTC)
I smile at him, trying not to show how sad I am that they are leaving. "I'll get the paperwork; you can take them home today. Since they are your siblings the paperwork is a little bit different."

I head down to the office and I can feel the tears filling my eyes. With Ginny's help I have been watching over these two ever since they came to Pheonix House, and I have a special place in my heart for the two of them. I gather up the paperwork and also get the bottles of milk that I have in the refrigerator for them.

Taking everything back up to the nursery, I hand him the forms and a quill, then the bag with the bottles of milk, taking Grace from him while he signs the papers.

"You'll need to switch them over to formula, Mr. Malfoy. There are some bottles here in this bag, but since they need to be fed every two hours it won't last you very long." He gives me a strange look. "I have a son of my own and he has been very good about sharing with those who need nourishment. Premature babies need the antibodies and I would have done it for anyone else."

"The blankets and hats were made by my Mum for them, so they belong to them." I have a feeling that he will probably get rid of them when he gets home; what does he want with gifts made by a Muggle anyway? But maybe he's not as bad as everyone says.

I bring over the basket which they were left in. They are both so tiny that they still fit in there.

"They both are healthy, and there seem to be no problems even with their early birth. They are both very lucky."

He looks at me with a look of relief. "That's good to know."

Laying Grace in the basket, I watch as he gets Iaian and puts him next to his sister.

"Apparating is rather rough on newborns, so we advise against that." I hear my voice, but its as if someone else is speaking. I feel as if I am having an out of body experience, or watching everything from inside a Pensieve.

I give him a few more instructions and Ginny and I walk him to the door. On a parting note, I tell him to feel free to contact me if he has any questions. It's an offer I know that he won't accept. He will walk out of Phoenix House with his brother and sister and we'll never see them again. I watch through blurry eyes as he goes out the door and disappears from sight.

"Please excuse me, Ginny."

I go into the suite I share with my children and gather Andrew up in my arms. Rachael is out playing with the other children and I'm glad. I don't want her to see her mother cry. I lay my head on Andrews head as tears roll down my face.

Dear Merlin, I hope that they will be okay.
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