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Phoenix Rising
A Harry Potter RPG
Fit for a Princess 
12th-Sep-2006 08:33 pm
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Lavender and I Apparate in a secluded Apparation Point and make my way to Justin’s grandparents manor.

As we round the corner and come up on the entrance, Lavender gasp. “Oh my,” she says. “I knew Justin came from a wealthy family, but I never imagined they were royalty.”

“Minor royalty,” I correct turning red. “Justin hates it, and to be honest I do too.”

“Do you have a title?” she asks smirking.

I roll my eyes and pretend not to hear her as I walk to the front steps and ring the bell.

The door opens and I hand the invitation Justin gave me to the butler.

“Lady Finch-Fletchley is expecting you,” he says looking it over. “This way.”

He leads us down the hall and into the sitting room. Lavender just looks around in awe.

“Susan, dear.”

I turn around and see Justin’s grandmother enter the room.

“Grandmother Finch-Fletchley,” I say smiling. “I would like for you to meet Ms. Lavender Brown, my maid of honour.”

“A pleasure to meet you, Lady Finch-Fletchley,” Lavender says.

She waves her hand dismissively at Lavender and says, “I only go by that at public functions.”

We talk for a few more moments before the maid brings the tea in. As she closes the door I hear the doorbell ring. I guess this is it.
13th-Sep-2006 01:43 am (UTC)
As a maid shows me into the parlor, I can’t help but look around at the house. No, it can’t be just a house. Perhaps it would be better to refer to it as a mansion. After all, hanging from the ceiling are chandeliers. The fact that there is a maid is enough to show just how impressive this whole house must be. I find myself smiling slightly, wondering if people had ever gotten lost in it.

The maid leads me to a very beautiful room. The sunlight naturally lights the area and the room looks as if it could be in a magazine. There are wing back chairs and little tables that have china plates containing small bite sized cakes and other treats. A silver tea set is on the largest of all the tables with identical china tea cups and saucers.

While the room is beautiful, including windows that show breathtaking scenery, I realize something quite quickly. Everything in this room, and probably in this house, is very anti Justin. I try to imagine him sitting in a chair, drinking tea from one of the small delicate cups and have to bite my lip to keep from burst aloud. I am sure everyone would find it very odd if I did that as soon as I entered the room.

Instead, I smile and go over to say hello to Lavender, Susan, an older woman who must be Justin’s grandmother, another who must be Justin’s mother and a little girl who can only be his sister. I hug both Lavender and Susan and all quickly exchange pleasantries, before I turn to Justin’s grandmother. I do not know what I expected, but I was a bit nervous, especially when I saw this house. His grandmother does have an elegant air about her, but she is smiling and I find myself being hugged by this kind stranger.

Justin’s mother, and his younger sister, Chrystian also greet me warmly, though it looks like the young girl would rather be able to play.
I find myself thinking about my wedding. The one I was planning at least. I didn’t have all the details worked out, but I had already started to look at places. I wonder if we would have had a day like this, or something similar. As it was, I would be in the final stages for the wedding, if Ian had lived. It is a bittersweet moment, but not as upsetting as one might think. It is hard to feel down in such a beautiful place with so many other happy people.

For some reason, I think of Wayne and smile. I have been seeing him every day before work. He has opened up a lot and he seems to have come to the same decision I have, which is to enjoy our lives and find joy in the small things. I look forward to our time together every morning and I think he does too. If we can enjoy coffee together that much, I am sure that we will enjoy being paired together for the wedding.

As I take at seat next to Lavender, I find myself wondering why the fitting is here. It is a lovely home, yet I always thought fittings would take place where there would be dresses. I don’t see any in sight and know it is highly unlikely that there is a bridal shop in the house.

Smoothing out my skirt and look over at everyone that is present Only Penny and her daughter are missing and I know they will probably be here soon. I had to admit, I was a bit worried about how this fitting would go. I imagined in being quite boring and tedious, not to mention being poked by pins every now and then. It isn’t like that at all. The elegance in the room seems to fit and the feeling in the air is one of happiness. I find it comfortable and I feel at ease.

“It is beautiful, isn’t it?” Lavender asks me and I nod.

“It is. And very elegant.”

Lavender smiles at me and motions for me to lean a bit closer, which I do. It makes me think of how students, especially girls, always would lean like this to hear a secret. “While this is nice, I have an idea I would like to bring up with Penny as well. I think that Ron, Oliver, Dean and Wayne have something planned for Justin. I was thinking that perhaps we could all have a girls’ night together.”

“That would be wonderful,” I nod in agreement. “I think we should seriously consider having a night like that.”

A movement out of the corner of my eye catches my attention and I smile as a way of greeting when I see it is Penny and her daughter enter.
13th-Sep-2006 01:44 am (UTC)
I have been looking forward to this ever since Susan asked me to be in her wedding; the fitting of the gowns. I left Andrew with my parents for the day, thinking that Rachael would enjoy some time with the ladies and I.

We are getting ready to have tea and I smile as Justin's grandmother asks the maid to bring a dainty china cup for Rachael.

I go around, saying hello to everyone and realize that Rachael is doing some exploring of her own.

"Rachael, be careful!" I say, running over to her as I see her going and touching different things.

"Don't worry about it dear. She reminds me so much of Justin when he was little. He was always exploring things and there is nothing here that can't be repaired. Justin himself broke many expensive vases, but I can't hug a vase like I can a grandchild."

I relax considerably; Mrs. Finch Fletchley is wonderful with Rachael and I am thankful that she is so nice. But of course, considering Justin I'm not overly surprised.

I am drinking my tea, keeping an eye on Rachael, when a soft knock comes at the door.

"Chrystian!" Rachael calls, running over to Jusin's sister, who has arrived with Grant. Grant is a tall gentleman, just a bit taller than Justin, and very tan.

"Hi, Chrystian," I say with a smile. "My, you look pretty today." I look at Chrystian's long brown hair and I can see how alike they are. I wonder if this is how their son or daughter will look one day.

Nicole comes in and, after being kissed by Grant, is shooed out by Mrs. Finch Fletchey and Nicole.

"Sorry, ladies only!" Nicole says with a laugh.

"Aw, but you know how great I look in satin, Nicole," Grant says, winking at her before a hastily exiting.

I'm glad to see Chrystian here, she is a nice friend for Rachael and the two seem to be enjoying their tea. I watch as Justin's grandmother goes over and offers them some tea cakes which she had made herself and I am relaxing for the first time in a long time.

The door opens again and I nearly choke on what I am eating. Vera Wang? Here? She's going to be measuring us? Oh Merlin!
13th-Sep-2006 01:46 am (UTC)
I know I am gapping like a fish, and have to make myself close my mouth.

Vera Wang is here and is going to make my wedding dress.

“Ms Wang, I’d like you to meet my Grand daughter to be, Ms Susan Bones.”

“You have such a wonderful small frame, my dear,” she says sizing me up and making me spin around. She then snaps her fingers and booklets and material samples appears on the table.

“A full spa day and dress fittings,” Lavender squeals as she looks over the booklets.

Justin’s gran looks over at me and motions for me to go look. Lavender immediately starts showing me samples and is right in her element.

“What’s wrong?” Kaylee ask looking over at me. I shake my head and tell her nothing, not wanting to ruin the day by thinking on sad things.

“Who is walking you down the aisle, dear. They will need to get their accessories as well.”

“I-I’m not sure,” I reply, noticing Justin’s mother slip out of the room. I see Lavender, Megan and Penny pretend to be busy.

Before anything else can be said, Nicole comes rushing back in with Grant who’s face is covered in chocolate. Reminds me of something Justin would do, I muse.

“Susan, I know I could never replace your father, but would you allow me the privilege of giving you away? Although, I’m not really giving you away cause I’m gaining a daughter,” he says.

Tears running down my face, I can’t help but hug the man that has been like a segregate father to me and say yes.

Nicole then gives him a quick kiss and shoves him back out the door, the rest of the ladies laughing and teary eyed.

Going back to the business of dresses, we soon have my dress picked out and move on to the bridesmaid’s dresses.
13th-Sep-2006 01:47 am (UTC)
The surprises just keep coming. With my new responsibilites as House Mother, this luxury that we have been treated to today is just what I have needed. I can't remember being so relaxed. I was just pampered with a wonderful massage and the tension that I didn't even know I had is gone.

I smile as Vera measures me for my gown. It's been so long since I have really had anyone pay that much attention to me and I have to say it's nice to be fussed over. She compliments me on my figure and how well I look.

"I always like to pay special attention to new mothers, Penny. I know how difficult it can be when you are concentrating on your children's needs and not on your own."

The material is gorgeous. I can't believe that Justin's Gran is doing this for us, but I must remember to thank her immensly. I am thankful to be a part of this.

I glance over to Rachael and Chrystian and stifle a laugh. They look so adorable with their white robes on; they are being treated just like the ladies. However, they have removed their cucumbers and are now eating them, giggling at everyone else wearing food on their faces.

I smile as I go back out and listen as Megan's name is called to be fitted. This day has been wonderful.
13th-Sep-2006 01:50 am (UTC)
“I think after all this, we will look gorgeous, but the groomsmen will look handsome,” Lavender remarks, clearly enjoying being pampered. I am glad she is not looking at me though because even I am surprised to feel my cheeks grow warm when I think of Wayne. I do not see him like that though. He is just a friend. However, no one has said anything so it appears as if I am trying to convince myself.

I shake that away as I take a sip of my tea, being careful not to touch the cream on my face. I have never felt this pampered before and I find myself enjoying it immensely. The massage was wonderful and I feel a lot less stressful. “This is the life…” I murmur to myself and smile slightly before I have to place my hands down to get a manicure, having already gotten the pedicure. I wiggle my toes and have to admit that the job was very well done. I have never had a chance to do this before, but I certainly would not mind doing this again at some point.

This is certainly something I would recommend for those that have very busy or stressful lives. I think of my boss, Remus. Most know he is a werewolf apparently, and I have heard that the transformations can be quite painful.

A funny image comes to mind and I can’t stop myself from laughing aloud.

“What is so funny?” Susan asks, lifting a cucumber to glance at me.

“I was thinking about how hard it must be for Lupin to go through transformations like he does.”

“And that is funny?” Penny asks.

“It is when you imagine him relaxing by having a spa day,” I reply and immediately we are all laughing.

“In one of the white robes,” Lavender offers.

“And you can’t forget the cream and cucumbers,” I add though the laughter.

It is nice just to be able to lounge and chat. I am usually a witch that enjoys being active, but I can always make exceptions.

“A lot those at the Ministry could benefit from something like this,” Penny admits through a smile.

I think of Moody, who was known as Mad-Eye. I have seen his pictures and realize that not even a spa could help him in the looks department. Face cream and cucumbers might help, but they are not miracles. I remember how Justin once said if he kept going on the path he was traveling, he would end up like Moody. I really find it hard to believe, though Susan did share the story of how he had made it to Hogwarts after running into wall. I guess he is capable of anything.

All too soon we are dressed in our clothes that we came in, but we all seem a lot more at ease and pleased. Not only have we been fitted for dresses that will be made by a famous designer, but we had a wonderful time doing so.
Susan gets to her feet and smiles. “I want to thank all of you for coming today. It really means a lot to me, having all of you here and being a part of the wedding. She gives a smile to Lavender, Penny and me, which we all return.

“Gran, I don’t know what to say,” Susan turns to Mrs Finch Fletchley. “You have welcomed me with open arms. All of you have,” she glances at Justin’s mother and sister before looking back at Justin’s grandmother. “I appreciate all you have done. This exceeded everything I could imagine.”

For her part, Mrs Finch Fletchley just smiles and tells Susan that it was her pleasure.

Susan smiles and then glances at Vera Wang, who has joined us as well. “And thank you for doing this. I think I am still a bit stunned,” she admits and the designer witch nods.

“I am happy to do it.”

Susan once more looks at all of us as if to remember the afternoon, though I doubt any of us will be forgetting it anytime soon. “So once again, thank you everyone.”
13th-Sep-2006 01:54 am (UTC)
Everyone says their goodbyes and start to leave. Kaylee comes running over to me and gives me a big hug. “Can I spend the night with Chrystian?”

I glance over at Nicole and Penny who is standing beside me.

Penny leans over and whispers, “They put a rush on your paperwork. Only a couple of more weeks.”

“Sure, sweetie,” I say smiling at Penny as she gathers Rachel and leaves.

I follow Nicole and Grant out the door and we make the short drive to their home.

The girls drag me up the stairs, and I am surprised to learn that Chrystian is now staying in Justin’s room. I make sure they are settled and head downstairs where I find Justin’s parents waiting on me.

“Susan before you go…there is something we want you to have,” Nicole says handing me a box.

I gingerly take the box and open it. As I look inside I gasp. It is a beautiful tiara.

“It’s tradition in the Finch-Fletchley family for the bride to wear this. It’s been in the family for generations,” Grant says.

I hug him, and then Nicole and thank them both for welcoming me into their family.

I am so lucky to have found Justin and his family…and in two days I will official be a part of that family.
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